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Cosmic Beings
Vogue Singapore x KVD

I was truly honoured to work with Vogue Singapore with the help of nplusc. KVD and Vogue Magazine have teamed up to showcase 3 artists: Aisyah Aziz (singer, songwriter), Hanya Seah (jewelry and metal creative), and Ng See Min (tattoo artist) in KVD makeup.

I had to create and composite a 3d environment for the looping visuals that are alien-esque to capture the essence of the title 'Cosmic Beings'. Thus, I made the environments reflect their professions.

Aisyah being a star in the music industry, and therefore the shooting stars/galaxy, Hanya with gold tendrils to reflect her specialty with meral and finally See Min with the inkblots and the giant flowers that resemble the lines of her tattoos.

Individual shots for each person with a background that reflects their story.

The group shot to incorporates elements from all 3 individual shots. From the twisting metallic tendrils from Hanya, glass flowers from See Min and the subtle fog from Aisyah.

Full, unobscured background of each visual.

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