Instagram Posts for Ncwong
[ 2020 - Ongoing ]

Ncwong is the head of the creative agency at nplusc. The following visuals are commissioned by her to promote various branded apparel and accessories (eg. LV, Givenchy, etc.) from their latest collections.

These video animations are featured on her personal Instagram account: @ncwong


Experimented with the array modifier in Blender to create a custom metallic spine that wraps around ncwong, featuring bags from Shanghai Tang.

The overall visuals for the two following animations were my interpretation of the LV: Age of Enlightenment photoshoot and runway, which is where the collections are from.

This post is to promote an Instagram filter that nplusc created for Vogue SG in collaboration with Givenchy's lipstick line.

I was inspired by infrared photography of plants as the filter included some pink petals drifting in the wind. I also had the idea of mixing technology and nature together. At the centre of the greenhouse stands the transmission tower which transmits the Instagram filter across the internet.